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Jul 23, 2020    05:20 AM
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In this video we will tell you 7 productive DIY things to do at home during covid-19 lockdown and during Self-Quarantine. it will help you to fight anxiety, tension, fear and boredom in these tough times.

The entire world is dealing with the global pandemic of Coronavirus in their own ways. From self isolations to government-imposed lockdowns for the safety of its people, the world is taking a break from the usual routine. And thus, you are left with a lot of time at home! So how do you use it productively? There is a limit to how much you can watch Netflix or gulp down mugs of coffee. We understand that, and so we have come up with 10 ways you can be productive during this social distancing. Your lockdown doesn't necessarily mean your learning needs to stop. On the contrary, it can provide you with the much needed time to work on yourself to make yourself better suited for the times to come. From reading and informing yourself to building a great profile, you have a lot of things to do during this lockdown. We just wanted to tell you how. Watch this video to know more about the things you can do during the lockdown to make the best use of your time. Tell us in the comments section below if we have missed something and let us know how you are spending your lockdown time!
List of things to do while you’re bored in the house: *domino trail *prank/scare your family *do yoga *build a fort *stovetop smores *indoor picnic *wash your hands *listen to podcasts *do literally any youtube challenge *let your sibling do your makeup *read old emails *catch up with old friends/family *write to a pen pal *binge shows *follow and subscribe to us ;) *binge watch movies *play a funny game with your family *do the blanket trick on pets *wash your hands again *write a book *workout *learn a magic trick *indoor basketball *homework *cook without a recipe *catch up on emails *wash your hands AGAINNNN *learn another language *become tiktok famous *wash dem handzzz *style dad clothes *karaoke *talent show *arts and crafts *photoshoot *beat a video game *play a board game or do a puzzle *spring clean your closet *sleep *you know the drill - wash your hands again! :) *have a spa day *read a book

I know a lot of us are self isolating at home and BORED AS HECK! so I came up with things you can do while at home to help with the boredom! Hope you're all doing okay during this period of quarantine, we'll get through it, together :)

the Credit for this Video idea goes to PRATIBHA,
Thank u so much again.. ????

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